Seeing Through The Corridor / Co:Lab 2015


Dates & Time: 12th June @ 8pm

13th June @ 8pm

14th June @ 3pm

Venue: Gallery Theatre (National Museum Singapore)

Ticket: $28 Standard

$20 Student Concession

Following up on her inspiration behind common spaces, resident choreographer Dapheny Chen brings together a myriad of stories drawn from the dancers’ personal experience. Collectively told from within the walls of the common corridor found along HDB flats, they are a reflection of relationships, community spirit, filial piety and personal growth. A local chapter of stories told through the medium of contemporary dance in this full length work in collaboration with set designer Gene Tan.

Along the common corridors of the humble HDB, potted plants dot the space like sporadic patterns. A common sight of slippers strewn astray in front of the many doors, a baby’s cry, the jingle of a key sounds before gates are swung open. The sights and sounds of this open space is broken when a familiar face steps out of one of the many units that make up that block of flats. A simple hello or a warm embrace, a cold shoulder or a hurried scatter, these make up the many on goings that happen on a daily basis. These are the parameters of the various relationships that are built over time, the foundation of a community spirit that is forged through the common spaces found in the residential area.

We each have stories to share from our memories. Our personal journey that revolves around the common corridor that makes us unique and different from one another. It could be about that grandma from two doors down, or the little boy three floors up, or the auntie next door, these are the stories we remember with fondness that establishes my involvement as part of the community.

We see through the corridor with different eyes and different memories. We see through the corridor with the same experience of sharing this collection of stories.

CO:LAB 2015

Dates & Time: 26th June @ 8pm

27th June @ 3pm

27th June @ 8pm

Venue: Goodman Arts Centre Black Box

Ticket: $28 Standard

$20 Student Concession

With the intention to develop emerging choreographers within the artistic team of the company, Co:Lab was initiated in 2013. As the name indicates, collaboration processes are the focal point of this platform specifically geared for the dancers of RDT. This being a choreographic platform for RDT dancers, they are put into creation mode through explorative and collaborative processes while learning to question, address and challenge ideas and concepts.

In the third and final installation of Co:Lab, the company presents a triple bill of new works created by company dancers Dapheny Chen, Rachel Lum as well as RDT2 dancer Adeline Ee. Featuring collaborative works with theatre, multimedia and sound, the three different choreographers hope to challenge the boundaries of contemporary dance and morph the various possibilities while extending their voices using additional mediums. Catch both RDT1 and RDT2 dancers on the same platform as the full company celebrates the month of dance with distinct voices through a collective of dance makers and movers.

Co:Lab 2015 will feature collaborations with theatre maker Edith Podesta, multimedia artist, Khairulhakim and music composer Vick Low.


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Jun 12 - Jun 28, 2015
[ Fri ] - [ Sun ]
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM SGT
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Gallery Theatre , National Museum Singapore &
Goodman Arts Centre Black Box
STTC 12th June 8pm - standard $28.00
STTC 12th June 8pm - student concession $20.00
STTC 13th June 8pm - standard $28.00
STTC 13th June 8pm - student concession $20.00
STTC 14th June 3pm - standard $28.00
STTC 14th June 3pm - student concession $20.00
Co:Lab 26th June 8pm - standard $28.00
Co:Lab 26th June 8pm - student concession $20.00
Co:Lab 27th June 3pm - standard $28.00
Co:Lab 27th June 3pm - student concession $20.00
Co:Lab 27th June 8pm - standard $28.00
Co:Lab 27th June 8pm - student concession $20.00
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